“If this is really your theater, why not sleep there?”

Workshop “My Theater”, a part of the Benčić Youth Council project, was held on June 16th and 17th 2017 in the National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc. This year, instead of a museum, we have chosen the theater as a place where we are going to camp indoors at the end of the school year.
This workshop has renewed the cooperation with the National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc in the mission to open Rijeka’s institutions even more to children and point out that these are really public places where everyone should feel welcome.
During their stay in the theater, the children had the opportunity to attend the general rehearsal of the ballet Swan Lake, talk to actors and dancers and see inaccessible spaces such as wardrobes, sound halls, reading rooms and many others under the guidance of the dramatist Nataša Antulov.
The theater hall served as a place to set up the camp, and after the theater tour, children spent playing various social games during the evening.

In the morning we had a chance to see the theater stage and the auditorium where we finished this workshop.

We would like to thank Nataša Antulov and the National Theater Ivana pl. Zajc that has enabled us to afford this unforgettable experience to children.

Number of participants: 17
Location: National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc