Photography: BYC

Artistic crafts usually refer to natural or traditional materials, but this time we have tried something completely different. Plastic, that is, its recycling is becoming an increasingly big problem because plastic degrades extremely slowly. Our sea and oceans are already filled with not only large waste, but also micro plastics that can no longer be cleaned. So, read carefully this text because we will bring you a proven technique of creative recycling of plastic bags and packaging shown by Tanja Blašković or Imagine Plastic. Only with the joint forces can we make a change!

Tanja Blašković has a Master of Art Pedagogy and is a versatile artist, illustrator and designer, one of Superkul’s fanzine editors and the first museum fanzine Beni. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, has been part of several projects in the last few years, from which one was to design a walking path on Risnjak, painting a bench on the Rijeka Campus and painting the Kružna street in Rijeka. Her art work is specific by using plastic bags as a “painting” material and uses the same material for her brand Imagine Plastic, transforming it into fashion accessories. In addition, she runs and organizes various workshops for children and adults and is the artist behind the Cutie Pie brand where traditional techniques such as tapestry and tapestry are used to create contemporary artwork.

Since this is a simple technique where creativity and feeling for the material are crucial, the workshop lasted only one day. With a few simple instructions about flatirons, the temperature and the use of baking paper, we started our adventure.
After making a base using thicker plastic bags that are layered and ironed into one layer, we used the technique of collage and from the smaller parts of the colorful bags created layers, i.e. the image.
At the end, from the final fabric you can cut a shape that can be folded and turned into a pencil box, wallet or a case for your glasses!
The magic of this technique is that you can’t control it, each plastic bag reacts to heat differently, shrinks, merges and changes the shade. Anyway, it was an adventure!

Number of participants


AGE: 9 – 13 years old