Fotografije: Marko Butorac

We continued our cooperation with the Prostor Plus Association through our summer school and by taking bold steps forward we started to design our festival of performing arts – circus and contemporary dance!
We dedicated three workshop days to the visual design of the festival, reviewing the venues for the performances and putting together the call for the artists.
First of all, our festival had to get its name, colors and shapes, so this time we hung out with designer Mark Butorac, who brought us closer to the world of design. Through working in groups, we thought of various motives and then, through a computer program, put everything together as a whole and called our festival Plesni zbirkus – fun with dance and circus.
We visited the stages at Filodrammatica and Croatian Culture House in Sušak and gathered all the necessary technical information. In each space, we were welcomed by technicians who explained to us some concepts from the world of theater and dance, regarding sound, light and equipment.
In addition, we had to take care of the program of our festival, so during the summer school we prepared a call for performers, which is open until September!

Number of participants

LOCATION: Križanićeva 6a, Rijeka


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