Workshop „Creative Solidarity Workshop 1”, a part of the Benčić Youth Council project, was held on October 10th 2016 in the space of Studio Kamov, Križanićeva 6A, Rijeka. This workshop marked the beginning of a series of thematic workshop related to the topic of solidarity through which we will collaborate in a creative way with and help organizations and initiatives that operate in this field. This time we cooperated with the iniciative Social supermarket “St. Elizabeth’s Bread”.

Social Supermarket „St. Elizabeth’s Bread” is a volunteer project started by the Secular Franciscan Order that for the last four years has been working with the poor in Rijeka and the surrounding area. The project began in 2010 on the International Poverty Day when the first action “Youth Against Hunger” was launched in collaboration with schools on the principle of one student one product they collected basic foods that were then divided to the poorest citizens. The project involves collecting and sorting of foods and goods that are then distributed to needy families and individuals.

The workshop was organized in a way that we sent an invitation to parents who brought different foods and good on the workshop, together with their children, with the emphasis on sweets on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season. With the children we sorted the groceries according to the instructions of the Social Supermarket, and we packed the sweets as gifts. We wanted to make gifts special so the kids wrote messages that we are attached on the each gift.
Together we brought the goods and gifts to the headquarters of the Social Supermarket (Brajda 7) where we were welcomed by the volunteer Elida that presented the work of the initiative and responded to the numerous questions. Social Supermarket in Rijeka is the first such initiative in Croatia.
In this way, we marked the International Human Rights Day which is celebrated on October 10th.

Number of participants: 8
Location: Studio Kamov, Križanićeva 6A, Rijeka