Fotografije: Natali Bosić

Ceramics Workshop Marinski Heathmades was held on September 29th and 30th 2018 in the atelier of the duo who stands behind the brand Marinski Heartmades. The aim of the workshop was to familiarize children with the process of making ceramic objects from clay.
Marinski Heartmades is a brand of designer Marine Marine characteristic by irresistible and playful ceramic items inspired by beautiful memories from childhood and nature. Pastel colors, porcelain finishing, recognizable figure of a girl and a unique design are the main features of Marinski Heartmades. Every piece from the beginning to the end is made in her studio in Jurdani, near Rijeka. Daniel Bakotić and Marina Marinski work together in this fantastic family business.
During the two – day workshop, we learned about the traditional techniques of making clay – the technique of making objects with rollers, rolling plaster boards and using pottery wheel.
The first day was focused on different ways of making objects – plates, bowls and cups. Clay is a material that you have to get used to, we cannot knead it too little or too much. It could be to dry or break because of too much water, but still we enjoyed ourselves with our fingers in clay all day long. We engraved different shapes into it, and our favorite was to decorate it with interesting leafs and flowers from nature.
The second day we devoted ourselves to processing, painting and engraving our items that dried overnight. We used different colors that we had to carefully pick out because they change after glazing and baking in the stoves.
Since the making of a ceramic object lasts for more than 2 days, we presented to children all phases in order for them to get a complete insight into the processes of production (burning in kilns, drying, casting of liquid clay, glazing), but the last stage was done later.

Clay is like a living organism. Clay is a material that is warm and original in its primitiveness. It is a direct link to nature, it teaches us patience and is such a never-ending source of inspiration.

Number of participants

LCATION: Jurdani

COLLABORATORS: Marinski Heartmades – Marina Marinski and Daniel Bakotić