BYC practice and volunteering

After frequent enquiries about the possibilities of practice and volunteering at the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018, the Benčić Youth Council decided to offer organized possibilities of volunteering and practice for students, high school pupils and interested citizens.

The Benčić Youth Council considers the programme for practice and volunteering as an opportunity for:

  • research,
  • professional development,
  • widening the horizon,
  • meeting new people and networking,
  • insight into new practices and methods of work,
  • application of new methods and forms of work,
  • multidisciplinarity,
  • collaborative management,
  • participating in changes,
  • having fun.

The areas of practical work in the BYC into which one may engage are the following:

  • organization, planning and programming the educational work,
  • working with the children and the young,
  • working with external associates, institutions and organizations,
  • working with parents,
  • documentation – statistics, photography, video, promotional material, etc.,
  • professional development,
  • registering work, evaluating and self-assessment.

The BYC is an open and collaborative programme, which expects the associates wishing to be included in our work to be ready to cooperate, try new ways of working, pedagogical practices, new ideas, to be responsible, curious, empathetic, adaptable to new situations, as well as to show initiative which will be readily accepted.