BYC Pop-up

BYC Pop-up is a programme by the Benčić Youth Council which includes the visits by the Benčić Youth Council to various festivals and events in Rijeka and its surroundings.

Pop-up programmes emerge on the initiative of the partners (associations, schools, festivals…) which approach the Benčić Youth Council with the wish to create programmes together adapted to their specific needs.

BYC Pop-up mostly lasts for one day, but it may also encompass a series of workshops designed according to specific needs of the partner and users in accordance with the space/place where it is held. Through the Pop-up, BYC spreads its field of operation; it is present in the wider community and expands its philosophy of working with the children and the young.

Upcoming Pop-up events

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Water (14th – 15th April 2017)

Great Women Artists (17th Dec 2017)

Pop-up Playground (Sep 23rd 2017)

Creative Solidarity Workshop 2 (October 17th 2016)

Brick House Mystery (May 20th 2016)

Io vivo qui (June 18th 2016)