BYC Living Room

Journalism workshop, book reading club, self-organized time

BYC Living Room is a Benčić Youth Council programme held exclusively in the rooms of the association – Studio Kamov, Križanićeva 6a. The programme encompasses several activities related to the area of Kamov – journalism workshop, book reading club and self-organized time. The Living Room activities are held at least once a month, during the weekend or any other working day on the initiative of the members (elementary and secondary school students), when they feel they need a room for self-organized activities.

The Living Room is intended as a place for gathering, a combination of a cosy and warm living room, working area, conference room and a gallery.

It is designed as a space in which the children and the young could meet, socialize, practice creative work, work together on projects, school assignments or just enjoy some stimulating conversations and meaningful meetings.

The goal of the BYC Living Room is to create a pleasant and stimulating social environment directed towards promoting meetings, communication and interaction of the children and the young.

The Living Room represents an alternative to meetings in cafés, streets, libraries and schools because it offers a combination of relaxed atmosphere, multifunctional space, availability of resources necessary for work and studying and the support of leaders (if necessary).

In such open and multifunctional space, the young have the space and the opportunity for self-organized time, which is recognized in the Benčić Youth Council as extremely important for personal growth and development of the young, management of one’s potential, independence, sense of initiative and development of cooperative skills, research and discovery.


Examples of organized activities held in the Living Room:

Journalism workshop is intended for the older group (5th – 8th grade and high school students). The children and the young write about topics of their choice, related to culture and art (recommendations for books, films, reports and impressions from workshops, “do-it-yourself” articles…). Written articles are prepared for publishing with the assistance of a mentor (proofreading, copyediting, supplemented with suitable photographs…) and uploaded to the blog on the website.
Book reading clubs are held separately for the young and the older members. Book reading club for younger children is based on reading and listening to short stories, talking about the topics read and connecting them with everyday life.
Book reading clubs for older children and the young are based on talking about books that the members are currently reading and would like to recommend to each other, on researching books that no one has read yet and which are considered as interesting for the whole book reading group.