VMB Annual exhibition

The annual exhibition, held for the first time in January 2015, is a permanent BYC platform.

Annual exhibition of the Benčić Youth Council is a permanent communication platform of the Benčić Youth Council, which includes integration and presentation of the annual cycle of workshops within the programme BYC LAB. BYC exhibition is completely designed and implemented by the participants of the BYC LAB programme.

The goal of the platform is to empower the children by providing them with opportunities and support in their individual actions, as well as creating the space for inclusion and communication with the community by presenting their own opinions and work in public.


5th BYC Annual Exhibition (April 27th 2019)

4th Annual Exhibition BYC (13th – 15th Jan 2018)

3rd annual exhibition (January 9th – 20th 2017)

2nd Annual Exhibition BYC

Exhibition (10-13.01.2015)