With the Second Annual Exhibition of the Benčić Youth Council we wanted to mark the start of the new project cycle and to display the works that children did on the workshops held throughout the 2015. The exhibition was preceded by a workshop, held in Mali Salon MMCA, where children prepared the exhibition.
During the two days of workshop the children wrote their impressions from the workshops, planned the exhibition, collected materials and set up the exhibition. Children, divided in groups, have prepared proposals how to setup the exhibition, which they presented to the others and agreed on a common idea. At the entrance of the gallery, they arranged a new promotional video project BYC, made by Igor Crnković. In the first room, children made a visual backdrop, which we learned to create during the workshop V. J. Starter with the help of our associates Damian Sprčić, who hung with us the whole weekend. In the second room the children have decided to set up props, photos and impressions from the workshops: Intercultural Dialogue Month – Introduction and Circus, Music Month – Jazz, Summer School – Art Colony, Pen in Hand!, New Carnival and Children’s summer nights. The materials, photographs and impressions were set up to evoke at least a part of the atmosphere from the workshop. In the last room children made an auditorium and held the screening of the film I am who I am and that’s that made by the children for the HRT television contest “Look out, we’re filming!“ In the same room they also put up photos and materials from the workshop Storied Past, located there because of the darkened room – because we did sleep in a museum.
We had two interactive elements on the exhibition; one at the beginning – a conceptual representation of the workshop Waiting room with three chairs and a clock, where guests could take a break and look at the promotional video; and the other in the second room connected to the workshop New Carnival. Children brought masks that they made during the workshop, decorated the corner of the room, and the guests could try out a mask and take a photo in our official Photo Corner.
The tradition that we started this year is the award for the best educator and artist with whom we worked during the year. Children decided the winners in an anonymous vote during the workshop and the awards were given during the opening of the exhibition. The award for the best educator went to Damjan Šporčić (V. J. Starter), and the award for best artist to Jadranka Lacković (New Carnival).
Opening of the exhibition was held on February 18th 2016 in 18 hours. Children led the entire program opening, after which the band Wuna performed, with the help of children.
The program of the exhibition:

  • February 15th – Press conference / announcement exhibition
  • February 18th – Opening, award ceremony
  • February 22nd – Info hour for all interested parents, screening of the film “Take Back Benčić”
Photos by: Jadranka Lacković
Number of participants: 12
Location: Gallery Mali salon, MMCA, Rijeka