BYC Potential

BYC Potential is the Benčić Youth Council programme intended for working with sensitive and vulnerable groups, primarily of the children and the young, and secondarily for the adults.

The Benčić Youth Council implements the Potential programme in cooperation with several organizations and institutions with which they signed a contract of long-term cooperation. The expert team of associate institutions or associations helps in forming a group.

The work of the groups is held depending on the agreement with the parent institutions or association in their space or the rooms of the Benčić Youth Council. The group usually consists of 10 – 20 children, with two leaders from the Benčić Youth Council and at least one professional associate from the parent institutions.

The goal of the Potential is to enable changes which would provide the children and the young with the chance to function more successfully in relation to oneself and the world around them. The specific goals of working with particular groups are determined according to the needs and wishes of a specific group, and mostly relate to empowering the group cohesion, development of team work skills, cooperative skills and tolerance, development of better communication within the group and learning to satisfy one’s needs in the group without conflicts.

The methodology is based on the methods of non-formal education, play-based pedagogy and play as the main and basic way of expressing an activity because it releases creativity, energy, power and a sense of pleasure. Play carries a hidden potential which enables the “breaking up” of predisposed structures and at the same time it encourages active learning and innovation. The participants are enabled to try out different paths to the solution through play, while the activity serves as a test for reality.

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