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We are a group of young people from Rijeka who learn, influence, create, and experience many forms of art and culture within the city

 The Benčić Youth Council is a framework for non-formal education that balances research, work, play, and socializing. The program is dedicated to learning different forms of art in the widest possible sense of the word: video, photography, dance, acting, heritage, drawing, sculpture, and more. During the previous project, children developed a strong relationship with the history and dynamic of the site. The council will continue to develop the relationship between future stakeholders of Benčić—youth and institutions—at a time when the future of this complex is still full of possibility.

The Benčić Youth Council represents a possibility for the children and the young to learn more about the resources that support culture and get familiarized with the cultural institutions and spaces. It also provides an opportunity for cultural spaces to adjust, find ways to respond and create contents suited to children – to make them think about their programs, thinking, and policies that should be adapted accordingly.

This project has been created for both children and cultural institutions to recognize the power and significance of children within the cultural dynamics of the city. Our forum is the cultural institutions and associations of the city.



Summer School “A Place for Me – A Place for Us” (July 11th-15th 2016)


Io vivo qui, June 18th 2016


Sound Factory (May 28th – 29th 2016)


Creative Dancing (May 14th 2016)


Belt It Out! (May 7th – 8th 2016)


Leave Your Trace 2 (April 16th – 17th, 2016)

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